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The mobile 5 MW trailer combustion chamber.

Combustion of process gases of explosion group IIB and extremely short set-up time avoiding a crane.

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Trust our flame.

Mobile degassing in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

We offer you full service on site.


Trust our flame.

ISO 9001 and SCC are standard at DEGASIO.

Our systems meet the highest statutory requirements.


Trust our flame.

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Trust our flame.

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From renting to full service, management and consulting.

DEGASIO has the KNOW-HOW and the appropriate technical equipment for nearly any application for the clean combustion of process gases.

Whether renting or operation as a full service package – DEGASIO always has the right solution for you.

Applications of our advanced combustion chambers

  • Cleaning of crude oil, petrol and diesel tanks
  • Loading and unloading of tankers, tank wagons or tank trucks
  • Use on vapour recovery lines
  • Temporary replacement for a VRU (Vapor Recovery Unit)
  • Disposal of landfill gases
  • Drilling hole monitoring
  • Cleaning of compressor stations and pipelines
  • Chemical industry (e.g. ammonia, ethylene)
  • Disposal of pyrolysis gas
  • Emergencies interventions

Our range of services

  • Renting and operation of combustion plants
  • Mobile or long-term stationary applications
  • Full service on site in 12/24-h shift
  • Semi-service on site for unmanned operation
  • Project management and consulting
  • Detailed engineering solutions

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