Trust our flame.

The mobile 5 MW trailer combustion chamber.

Combustion of process gases of explosion group IIB and extremely short set-up time avoiding a crane.

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Trust our flame.

Mobile degassing in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

We offer you full service on site.


Trust our flame.

ISO 9001 and SCC are standard at DEGASIO.

Our systems meet the highest statutory requirements.


Trust our flame.

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Trust our flame.

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Explosion group IIA or IIB. Instantly usable.
The mobile 5 MW trailer combustion chamber.

  • Certified technology
  • Significant improvement of emission levels implementing state-of-the-art technology
  • Explosion group IIA and IIB
  • Flow rate adjustable between 100 Nm³/h and 1,500 Nm³/h
  • 99.9 % burnout quality with controlled combustion temperature
  • Optimum economic efficiency implementing minimum support gas firing
  • Combustion quality according to the latest German TA-Luft
  • Low-noise components
  • Monitoring of combustion parameters
  • Online monitoring and direct online support as a standard
  • For an optimal burnout, the combustion chamber can be adapted to the process gas volume flow
  • Enclosed combustion chamber and hidden flame
  • Shortest time for set-up, no crane support required